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Anti Wrinkle Injections/Injectables
Injectables are a non-surgical treatment for unwanted localised facial lines. These lines are caused by the over use of some facial muscles and the injections work by temporarily blocking the nerve impulses to these muscles. The result is a more relaxed facial appearance, reducing wrinkles. It is most commonly used to treat lines in the eye area, forehead creases, frown lines and lines in the neck area. It has been in practice since 1990 and takes only ten to fifteen minutes to complete. At Beacon Face & Dermatology we take a conservative approach to wrinkle injections and a follow-up visit is made after initial treatment.

The Treatment
Following a detailed, private consultaion the injections will usually take place at the same appointment. Using a tiny needle, injections are made precisely into several locations to achieve the desired effect. By using such small amounts we can safely relax the muscle so that it does not contract thereby smoothing out the frown lines. Untreated areas are not affected so your facial expressions remain as normal. It is a safe and simple procedure that does not require a sedative or local anaesthetic.

The Effects
Pain is minimal during treatment and a little ice reduces any swelling or discomfort caused by the injection. You may experience redness or temporary bruising, which is easily covered up with makeup. Beacon Face & Dermatology will provide after care makeup, which offers extra coverage, should you need it. Results will become noticeable five to eight days after treatment, then, gradually over three to six months the effects will fade. A simple re-treatment is all that is needed to maintain the desired results.

Aftercare and Advice
After the treatment it is recommended to exercise the targeted muscles immediately to encourage uptake of the product. It is also advised that you do not lie down in the first four hours directly after treatment. However you can return to work straight away and it is perfectly safe to apply makeup. You may not drink any alcohol for 24 hours after the treatment. Our Doctors will advise you as to after treatment care.


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