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Damaged Skin
As the most visible and largest organ in the human body the skin is bound to suffer some levels of damage. The extent of this damage depends very much on our lifestyle choices but also on factors that may be beyond our control. Childhood illnesses such as chicken pox and adolescent conditions such as acne may also cause skin damage, in some cases quite significant. Scar tissue may also be the result of severe trauma depending on the severity and depth of wounds suffered.

Your dermatologist will discuss the various options available and decide on an appropriate treatment for you.

Acne scarring
Patients with severe nodular acne, which is inadequately treated, may develop acne scarring. Scars result from severe acne lesions penetrating deep into the dermis causing intense inflammation and subsequent damage to collagen fibres. This causes scarring in the overlying skin. Two main types of scarring may occur:

Depressed scars also known as “ice pick” scars which are lower than the surrounding skin surface
Keloidal scars are raised above the skin surface and usually have a pinkish hue.

Treatments for acne scarring include the following options:

Prevention: Adolescents suffering from severe acne should seek medical atttention in an effort to prevent scarring of the affected areas. Early intervention certainly lessens the severity and duration of acne therefore minimising the extent of skin scarring.

Topical Treatments: Prescription retinoid therapy acts by stimulating production of collagen and improving skin texture. The skin is rejuvenated and has an overall smoother appearance. Patient compliance is necessary along with the practice of a personalised daily skin care regime.


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