body issues

At Beacon Face & Dermatology we can treat, and help patients to manage, body issues which may be causing emotional and psychological distress. We understand the patient’s need to address these issues and have seen how treatment can greatly improve the patient’s quality of life, boosting confidence and self esteem. In many cases we can treat the underlying medical causes of the condition e.g in the case of hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating). We offer alternatives to surgery for sun damaged or badly scarred skin. Treatments are also available to improve the appearance of sagging skin which may be the result of weight loss or childbirth. Conditions such as cellulite and hirsutism or hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth), which some patients may feel particularly self conscious about can also be successfully treated at Beacon Face & Dermatology. Carboxytherapy can be used to improve the appearance of cellulite on the thighs or upper arms and can also be used to target localised pockets of fat, for example saddlebags and double chins. We can also provide support where lifestyle changes need to be made, offering advice on successful and permanent weight loss. Beacon Face & Dermatology can offer a range of treatments for patients who are concerned about any of the following body issues:

Hair Removal
Scar Treatment
Skin Toning & Tightening
Excessive Sweating
Pigmentation Disorders
Thread Veins
Birth Marks
Shaving Bumps
Skin Tags
Mole Mapping


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