Laser treatment is a non-invasive procedure that erases skin damage without disturbing the surface. The treatment involves passing light energy through the skin. This light stimulates collagen production & coagulates visible blood vessels in the damaged layer underneath by transmitting heat.

At Beacon Face & Dermatology, our lasers are used to target specific unwanted superficial skin structures such as hair, fine lines & wrinkles, and pigmentation (broken capillaries, sunspots and birthmarks). With our lasers no ‘down time’ is associated.

Our lasers are designed to have various aesthetic applications and can be tailored to suit most skin types. Because they have a changeable ‘spot-size’ lasers can directly target skin patches of any size, allowing greater control and giving you better results.

Our lasers can be used for:

Pigmentation Disorders
Skin Rejuvenation - (Collegen Stimulation)
Thread Veins
Rough Skin Texture
Photodamaged Skin
Scar Treatment
Skin Toning and Tightening
Skin Tags


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