paediatric dermatology

Our paediatric dermatology clinic is staffed by an experienced paediatric consultant.

Any dermatological disease that can affect adults can affect children. Many common dermatological illnesses that present in childhood can cause unnecessary suffering and can have a huge impact on the child’s well being and social development.

  • Eczema can be a particularly distressing condition for children as they find it difficult to resist the urge to scratch the skin, thus greatly exacerbating the condition.
  • Birthmarks, while usually harmless, can become an issue as the child gets older and may be subject to bullying. Birthmarks can be successfully removed using state of the art Lyra and Plasmalite laser therapies.

We will discuss the treatment options available and decide which is the most suitable for your child depending on the severity of the condition. Our staff are experienced in dealing with children and recognise the importance of educating both the parent and the child. This ensures that any treatment carried out in the clinic will be as effective as possible once the child has returned home and to school.

Birth Marks
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