problematic skin - ecaema

Eczema refers to many different, inflamed skin conditions. Eczema, or dermatitis as it is sometimes called, develops when the body’s immune system reacts against a substance in contact with the skin. An allergic reaction often develops over time through repeated contact with the substance. It produces an intensely itchy rash that blisters and oozes, sometimes appearing scaly or crusty.

For mild to moderate eczema, topical emollients are used to reduce water loss from the skin, preventing the dryness normally associated with eczema. This seal means the skin is less dry and itchy, and more comfortable. When eczema is under control, only emollients need to be used. However, during a flare-up, a steroid cream may be needed. Steroids reduce inflammation and are used in most types of eczema.

Ultaviolet Light: For more severe eczema, ultraviolet light treatment can be helpful. click here for more information.


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