problematic skin - premature ageing - photodamage

Photodamaged skin can be seen on all areas of the body that are exposed to daily sun, including the face, neck, decollate and the backs of hands. It has a dull, matte, mottled appearance, with areas of hyperpigmentation, fine and coarse wrinkles with or without benign, precancerous or cancerous skin growths.

Photodamaged skin can be effectively treated using therapies now available at Beacon Face & Dermatology.

After Care
After the treatment you may experience some flushing to the treated area. This usually lasts a few hours but can last up to two days. Patients are advised to protect their skin and the newly formed layers from the sun by wearing sun block SPF 30+ for several months.

*At Beacon Face & Dermatology we have a unique cooling system attached to each of our lasers. This minimises the usual discomfort of ‘stinging’ associated with laser treatments by passing cool air around the treated area before, during and after the treatment.

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