Mole Mapping

A new dimension in the early and accurate detection of skin cancer

The video documentation of moles is a safe means of skin cancer prevention. With the help of a video camera, the dermatologist establishes an exact mole catalogue which contains panoramic views of your body that help localise every mole.

Moles that require closer observation are individually photographed using digital technology along with a dermatoscope (skin microscope). The dermatoscope permits assessment of specific structural features of moles which are not visible otherwise. This significantly increases the accuracy of diagnosing melanoma.

The images are stored on electronic media. This facilitates an accurate comparison of earlier images to the most recent ones at regular examinations.

In this way even the minutest change will be detected. So that

  • Any change in the appearance of your moles will be accurately detected and assessed by the dermatologist
  • Even if patients have a large number of moles, nothing will be overlooked thanks to the storage of each mole image
  • Thorough continuous observation and storage of skin images, unnecessary excisions of harmless moles can be avoided

The melanoma A-B-C-D-E rule

The ABCDE rule can be used for the evaluation of a mole. Moles that fulfil one of the points of this rule should be observed by a dermatologist.

A - Asymmetry
B - Border (irregular, blurred, or jagged edges)
C - Colour variation
D - Diameter greater that inch
E - Elevation especially if uneven

Every alteration is an alarm signal

Watch for the following changes:

  • Changes in the colour (including darkening, loss of colour or the appearance of multiple colours such as blue, red, white, pink or gray)
  • Diffuse edges
  • Decreasing or increasing size / thickness
  • Changes in the area surrounding the mole (e.g. reddening, swelling, sores)
  • Paraesthesia (e.g. itchiness, odd sensation)
  • A mole that bleeds
  • New moles especially if these occur after age 25 years
Mole Mapping

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